In 2017, a group of friends from Wakulla and Palm Beach County started an oyster ranch wanting to find a way to produce healthy, sustainable, farm to table seafood. With the synchronized efforts of our Wakulla County and West Palm Beach teams, we are able to do just that!

Our ranchers are our family. They are the arm of Florida Bay Oysters who are up before dawn to check and tumble the oysters, which is one of the most important parts of the process in creating a delicious, crisp and clean taste. Tumbling is the process of moving the oysters around in the cage to shake off any barnacles and separate them, which allows them to grow in a healthier way. We then separate any larger oysters and put them into a different cage with oysters of the same size, which ensures all of the oysters in each cage have an opportunity to grow at a similar rate. 


Florida Bay Oyster Team