Florida Bay Oysters come from a delicious, sustainable and eco-friendly oyster farm in North Florida. Florida Bay Oysters are crisp, clean, fresh and delicious, presenting the best of Floridian raw seafood, and very unlike any Gulf oyster you may have had.

Florida Bay Oysters are grown on our farm within the Panacea oyster farmlands, known for it's lush setting ideal for oyster cultivation in a way that capitalizes on uniquely local traits, incredibly similar to the Napa Valley wine region.Through our innovative aquaculture process we work within the oysters natural habitat to carefully cultivate delicious, ethically sourced oysters that are quickly gaining a reputation of being the "Bluepoint Oysters of the South".

Through ideal environmental conditions and an innovative aquaculture process, Florida Bay Oysters have a fresh, clean, salty taste that can only be found in our naturally protected bay. Raised on more than nine acres of water, our oyster’s are grown using a process that ensures optimal growth and quality, within a controlled environment. What makes Florida Bay Oysters’ superior taste and ascetic is not only credited to the aquaculture processes implemented by our team, but the unparalleled environmental conditions of Oyster Bay. 

In Wakulla County, Oyster Bay is home to the world’s largest known fresh water spring. In addition, the Bay itself is surrounded by wildlife preserves ensuring Florida Bay Oysters’ infrastructure and quality remains consistent and protected. Not only is Florida Bay Oysters’ ranch sustainable, the presence of oysters within the bay continues to noticeably improve its natural environment. Combined with leading edge aquaculture processes and Oyster Bay’s ideal saline levels and natural food source, Florida Bay Oysters’ ranch possesses the perfect conditions to raise superior oysters full of healthy protein, important vitamins, and unparalleled taste.


Our Story

In 2017, a group of friends from Wakulla and Palm Beach County started an oyster ranch wanting to find a way to produce healthy, sustainable, farm to table seafood. With the synchronized efforts of our Wakulla County and West Palm Beach teams, we are able to do just that!

Our ranchers are our family. They are the arm of Florida Bay Oysters who are up before dawn to check and tumble the oysters, which is one of the most important parts of the process in creating our delicious, crisp and clean taste. Tumbling is the process of moving the oysters around in the cage to shake off any barnacles and separate them, which allows them to grow in a healthier way. We then separate any larger oysters and put them into a different cage with oysters of the same size, which ensures all of the oysters in each cage have an opportunity to grow at a similar rate.

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Aquaculture Process

Florida Bay Oysters has adopted an aquaculture process that has changed the way we harvest oysters, and is the reason the entire oyster industry is casting its eye toward the southeaster part of the US as the oyster mecca of the world for the first time in history.

Natural harvesting of oysters has lead to overfishing. Depleted supplies meant a need for harvesting in oysters a controlled environment. This innovative process was created by Standish Allen of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, and involves relocating baby oysters to a controlled farms in a healthy environment. Then, by creating a safe location, such as the floating cages in our protected bay. Our floating cages allow us to pull the oysters up regularly, check on them, and take steps to ensure their health is looked after. Through this, we provide the oysters with a a low risk to the environment that allows every oyster an opportunity to thrive and grow. The result is a consistently delicious, healthy oyster and an efficient and healthy means of seafood production

As demand for oysters continues to grow, this process will be key in providing a long-range and sustainable solution to the world’s wild marine fish populations. 


Florida Bay Oysters

Panacea, FL United States 32327