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About Florida Bay Oysters

Florida Bay Oysters come from a delicious, sustainable and eco-friendly oyster farm in North Florida. Our oysters are crisp, clean, fresh and delicious, presenting the best of Floridian raw seafood. They are unlike any oyster you may have had.

Florida Bay Oysters are grown on a nine acre farm within the Panacea oyster farmlands, known for it's lush setting ideal for oyster cultivation in a way that capitalizes on uniquely local traits, incredibly similar to the Napa Valley wine region. Through our innovative aquaculture process we work within the oysters natural habitat to carefully cultivate delicious, ethically sourced oysters that are quickly gaining a reputation of being the "Bluepoint Oysters of the South".


"The Napa Valley of Oysters"

In the same way that Napa Valley garnished an impressive reputation for being an incredible, unique location for growing grapes for delicious wine, Oyster Bay is the world's most unique place for growing oysters. Florida Bay Oysters sit on a healthy bay of water that is fed from the world's largest known fresh-water spring, which bubbles up within the bay and keeps water temperatures at ideal levels for oyster growth, by providing cooling in the summer and slight warming in the chillier winter months. There is also a barrier reef island protecting the bay from harsh weather and the bay is surrounded by one million acres of preserve.  All of these factors provide a perfect growing area for our oysters. The result is a clean, fresh, salty tasting oyster, only made better by our meticulous aquaculture and harvesting process


The Florida Bay Oyster Difference

Rather than allow our cages to sit on the muddy banks of the bay, our cages float at the top of the water, identical to the process utilized in the northeastern areas of the US (i.e. Bluepoint Oysters). This allows us to keep the oysters in fresher, cleaner water. It also allows us to keep them safe, and harvest them more readily. We pull our oysters up every morning before dawn to tumble them. This is the process of moving the oysters around in the cage to shake off any barnacles and separate them, which allows them to grow in a healthier way. We then separate any larger oysters and put them into a different cage with oysters of the same size, which ensures all of the oysters in each cage have an opportunity to grow at a similar rate.


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Our ranchers are made up of a group of individuals that are deeply passionate about cultivating delicious, clean, eco-friendly oysters - and work around the clock to do so!


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